• http://DanaLookadoo.com Dana Lookadoo

    I was in panic mode upon hearing the news of Yahoo!’s plans to euthenize Delicious.

    I began using Diigo today. Pinboard markets their service as “antisocial bookmarking” – no thanks. However, this may prompt me to once again start using Evernote regularly.

    Found a comparison between Diigo and Delicious:

    Thanks for the list, Matt!

  • http://ariherzog.com Ari Herzog

    I created a pinboard account (basic service) today, haven’t explored it much as I’m waiting for my delicious bookmarks to be imported. There are apparently hundreds of users trying to do this at the same time.

    As to the tagline of being antisocial, what online isn’t?

  • http://www.YourVersion.com Chris H.

    With Delicious shutting down, I want to recommend everyone try YourVersion http://YourVersion.com. With YourVersion you can import both your Delicious bookmarks and tags. YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that lets you discover, bookmark and share tailored web content (news, blogs, webpages, tweets and videos) by your specific interests. I invite you to try it today!

  • http://game-changer.net Jorge Barba

    I’ve used Diigo in the past when it first came out, seems like a good alternative to the ‘mighty’ delicious. I honestly don’t think this is the end of it, too many loyal users and too much data. Someone with deep pockets (MS, Google) can come in and save our day. Or we, the loyal users, can crowdfund it!

  • Kevin Styles

    Thanks for the great list Matt.

    One alternative that I have started using recently is SpringPad http://www.springpadit.com . It is very similar to Evernote in that you can create notebooks and save many different types of content. There is also a planning section of the app that allows you to create tasks, projects, lists, etc. Personally, I like the interface of SpringPad better than Evernote. Also, the Chrome extensions/ & app offer convenient access to tool. Thanks.

  • http://www.favbot.com/ Favbot

    Favbot offers automatic import and free hosting for Delicious bookmarks. Once imported, you can use your bookmarks just like before except for the small change in the url http://www.favbot.com/import-delicious.html

    You should check out the other features of Favbot too : http://www.favbot.com/ – it makes manual bookmarking obsolete, actually. The tool automatically bookmarks for you. It even crawls the links you shared on Twitter etc.

    I’m curious to know what you think about it.

  • http://absolutebeginner.open-lab.com/ schelazzi

    Another interesting alternative is http://licorize.com a new bookmarking service which offers the possibility to import your bookmarks from Delicious.

  • Poinky Malaprop

    Another possibility is Trailmeme http://trailmeme.com (created by some of my colleagues at the Xerox Research Center Webster, so I’m not unbiased), which lets you organize bookmarks and connect them as “Trails”. It’s sort of mind-mappy. They posted instructions on how to import from Delicious: http://blog.trailmeme.com/2010/12/delicious-give-us-your-tired-your-poor-your-huddled-masses/

  • http://www.malenekirstine.dk Malene K. Olesen

    There is also another alternative: http://www.licorize.com

    Here you can easily import your bookmarks from Del.ici.ous. It’s not as intuitive as Del.ici.ous but it works :-)

  • http://www.guengerich.com Steve Guengerich

    One more alternative, from Silicon Hills: @KeepStream – social media curation… come see them at SXSW Interactive in 2011

  • Markus Frick

    Another tool that could be interesting is http://trunk.ly
    It’s pretty new, I’m testing it right now, doing good…

  • http://delicious.com/22765 Herr Günni

    http://www.oneview.com/ with firevox addon ,onclick save button,deliciousimport tags

  • http://www.viewnewyorkrealestate.com/ Chris Apple

    After I heard the news yesterday about Yahoo’s plans to let D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s ride off into the sunset I knew I needed a substitute. I decided on Diigo and it is pretty awesome. I love the fact that you can tag cutouts of pages with markup…

  • http://www.favable.com W.G. Pringle IV

    There is also FAVable. It’s a bookmarking website that focuses on being more of a visual experience. http://www.favable.com For example you can see some bookmarks I have created on FAVable here… http://www.favable.com/bookmarks/index.asp?uid=391779869794#388285326957

  • http://healthblawg.typepad.com David Harlow

    Which of these bookmarking services captures links from tweets and tags them automatically? Or are there third-party services doing this a la tweecious for delicious? I use the delicious/tweecious combo so that I can retrieve links I tweet, sort them by tags, etc.

  • http://paulgailey.com Paul Gailey

    the slight annoyance about using Google Bookmarks is that by default it does NOT import TAGS which are all so important for Delicious power users. This solution by Andy Hitchman http://bit.ly/googledelicious ALLOWS tag import which in Google are called Labels. Thereafter you can use a Chrome extension to effectively sync the Bookmarks locally eg. http://sites.google.com/site/uniformedopinion/

    Let’s hope an official solution and improvement to Google Bookmarks happens.

  • http://techregular.com TechRegular

    I use xmarks.com for its compatibility with almost all the major browsers and their web interface is simply superb. ~

  • laProbeta

    Hopefully it’s not closing despite the nice news shut off the blog, http://blog.delicious.com/blog/2010/12/whats-next-for-delicious.html

  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/13317/ instaright

    Future are mobile apps like Instapaper. Instapaper can save you lots of time and ubiquitous. Importer I’ve build makes this transition – from delicious bookmarks to instapaper:

  • http://wonderpage.com wonderpage

    Hey, solid list. There’s another service called wonderpage available at http://wonderpage.com . It does everything favbot does and more. You can share your bookmarks directly on twitter or facebook and even have a feed with latest bookmarks from your friends. Last but not least there’s a snapshot of each page made for you. It’s still in beta and we have some interesing updates coming.

  • http://allanwhite.net/about/ allanwhite

    A perfectly timed article! Thanks. I’ve got THOUSANDS of tagged links in delicious – while searching for stuff I’ve found online is nice, where I get a lot of value out of it is RSS feeds for tags and searches. For example, on my blog in the “Art of Presenting” category, I show results for that tag at the bottom. It’s an extra layer of value I can offer readers. Not sure what’s going to replace that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bartmiller ✔ Bart Miller ✔

    Here’s a simple way to import all your Delicious bookmarks with tags into Google bookmarks:

  • Greg Lawrance

    XMarks – allows importing from Delicious and sharing of bookmarks. They were just bought by LastPass – so they are likely on the upswing.

  • hubertdavisfor3

    I’m astonished sometimes when bloggers don’t bother to do the simplest research before writing something that’s incorrect. Regarding blinklist:

    “But … there doesn’t appear to be a way to import bookmarks, so this is probably a non-starter for existing Delicious.com users.”

    When you sign up for a blinklist account, you can click the settings icon at the bottom of the screen, and there’s clearly an option titled “import from delicious”. Also, see here:


  • janetts

    hm… i only use delicous and stumble upon. but notice stumble has been rather slow lately. thanks for the alternatives.

  • hbobrien

    “I’m astonished sometimes when bloggers don’t bother to do the simplest research before writing something that’s incorrect.”

    Why the distinction of using the word, “bloggers”? This is a general, easily observable behavior by the overwhelming majority of all writers, in all media.

    There’s also the issue of someone who professes to be “astonished” at an event as common as finding oxygen in the atmosphere… But some spiritualists encourage being in a state of constant astonishment, so perhaps that’s your point.

  • http://www.stoerebinken.nl Stoere Binken Design

    Another good alternative is http://www.vizited.com. This service organizes you bookmark as thumbnails. You can add tags, filter and search, keep the bookmarks private or share them on Twitter and Facebook. You can even share a collection of bookmarks with your friends or clients.
    With the Firefox plugin you can even bookmark your websites without having to login to vizited.com.

    You can’t import your bookmarks here, but for me that’s a good thing. This gives me the chance to filter out the garbage I’ve been collecting over the last years. A lot of websites I collected where not even existant anymore. I can now make a new start…

    They’re still in beta, but the service runs like a charm since 3 years. They listen very carefully to imput and feedback from the users and keep updating the service based on this.

    And the best thing? It’s free. ;-)

  • pezcore

    I leave you with a delicious alternative that seems interesting: http://www.flinkin.com

  • http://about.me/rafaelss Rafael Souza

    I am using http://truffls.com as an alternative to delicious. It’s is very simple and easy to use. If your desire is just want to keep \your\ urls saved, truffls.com is a very good place.

  • http://www.linkpager.com Linkpager

    Give Linkpager a try!


    Save And Share Your Internet Favorites. Keep your bookmarks in the cloud to be accessed from any web-enabled location like your computer, your phone, home, work, or away. Keep your links private or share with the world.

    Saving your favorite places has never been so easy and accessible.

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