• http://brian23.com Brian

    5, 10 hey it’s all the same lol

  • Chase Anderson

    Still counting, haven’t made it to 10 yet.

  • Guest

    Obviously people around you are not checking the work…

  • Daniel

    “10 Bad Assumptions About SEM That Might Get You Fired — Part 1”. This is a wild guess, but I think there might be a part 2 to come. ;)

  • Wolfgang Rienhard Bloomfield

    I know what you mean by having a boss, I have stopped working for local businesses, they don’t understand what you are doing, and want you to change things that you know will hurt their business.

    If you do what they are asking you to do, quite often it can ruin what you are working towards, but they don’t want to understand.

    A lot of what they want is to do is with their own pride or ego, and you can’t work with that.

    So now I build e-commerce stores, and don’t worry about what the local business wants me to do.


  • Rajesh_magar

    Truly Inspiring…. will love to read across whole 10.

  • Matthew Jancosek

    Know your audience – Is probably my biggest mistake in the past. I take pride that I speak two languages (tech and common), but at time when talking to clients you think you are talking on their level but you really are still over their head. They will look at you and agree and nod their head, but in reality they do not know what is going on and probably embarrassed to admit it.

    That is why now I ALWAYS follow up with an email which I break it down even further. This way your client had the meeting and then an email (a written document) going over what was just talked about. The email is broken down into several broken down facts. This is where I usually get the questions that should have been brought up in the meeting.

  • http://www.swayamdas.com/ Swayam Das

    The part 1 is really cool :-) When’s Part 2 releasing?

  • buginsoup

    Not just for SEM, Its applicable for developers, designers, PMs and anyone who is involved in a collaborative world of project development.

  • Jonathan Hatton

    Great article really like #4 and #5 !

  • Jonathan Hatton

    Great article really like #4 and #5 !