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    Great question, but what does this mean: “In some cases, from a business owner’s perspective, the call-to-action is still occurring. This is perhaps more the case in something like informational search (where a phone call may result from a direct answer to a query) than in so-called dictionary lookups, where facts are just aggregated from multiple verified sources.”

  • BarbaraStarr

    It refers to the case, where for example you may look for a telephone number for a local business. You may end up with the phone number in an answer box and subsequently call the entity you were trying to contact. This means the call to action (assuming the call to action for that local site was to call the business entity, and have them come in to do some e.g. contract work or purchase whatever service/product they offer). However the click-through to the website was not made, but the call to action still took place, so the SEO or whoever ensured that phone number was made available ought to derive some recognition or credit for it.

    In the “dictionary look up case”, where you may type in something like “Barack Obama Birthday” the answer is provided in the answer box, and as that answer was compiled from multiple sources (perhaps wikipedia as well as others) no source is cited as providing the answer.

  • BarbaraStarr

    You can see one study here: http://bit.ly/1kfi5mW or look at a SearchEngineLand article written by Paul Bruemmer for more examples:http://searchengineland.com/how-to-get-a-30-increase-in-ctr-with-structured-markup-105830

    You can also read through other articles on SearchEngineLand to find what you are asking for

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    Thank you as always for the very useful information, Barbara.

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    It’s crap. It’s crap because it doesn’t get all the reasons I am on the web, or who might also be using my pc, coupled with that I search for many different reasons that thus far search seems to be missing the mark more and more, so I turn to social for the answer – and that is the direction this is headed.