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    Not sure about all other tools, but Raven SEO Tools allows me to track all of the above in one place and its pretty straightforward. Big fan of data presented in a user friendly way.

    Thanks for the article btw.


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    Andy, Interesting to note 40% are triggered by the google suggest kind of takes a little bit away from google keyword tool as you could simply sit there and pre empt your long tailed words and phrases to target. One of the tacttcs I have used is to use the pre empt to get relevant australian domains example I am in the freight game I was lucky and purchased what people would type vs the actual name of a freight company snapped up CourierQuotes.com.au because thats what folks would type vs Bobs couriers. When you match it up to each industry there must be plenty of other industries that could take advantage of the same tactic.

  • Jordan Kerr

    Great article and nice summary. As an SEO working in a big organisation and outside the marketing department, I always face a challenge with attribution between PPC, SEO, PR, Social Marketing etc. I’m working on creating an attribution model at the moment, but it keeps changing. One reason it’s a moving target is because there is more and more info on the web (as more content is created) so we’re finding our sales cycle getting longer (an outside the tracking ability of cookies).

    Anyway. You got me thinking about attribution again. Thanks!