• http://red-robot.net/ Claire

    The point about updating the year in the footer is so simple and yet so easy to miss. Also, I really like the tip about adding available locations. The footer is definitely a neglected area on our website but you’ve inspired me to improve it. Thank you.

  • http://www.springmerchant.com/ Cheta Manuel

    One thing that many overlook is a written schedule. Not just in my PC. No, on the paper, on the chalkboard to have it always in in your eyes. Thanks for the great tips and reminders :D

  • http://www.cre8pc.com Kim Krause Berg

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Some of these may not be new ideas of course. However, the point of this list is to focus on the fastest, easiest items that bring immediate or notable results. Not to mention, many are tedious things we like to forget or put on the back burner. Get them out of the way first thing every year :)