• robthespy

    Nice summary of the changes- thanks, Myles.

    I love #6 – “Don’t Merge Your Google Local Listing With Your Google+ Local Page Yet”

    Could an end to over five years of darkness and suffering be coming to an end? Not likely-IMO…but I guess we’ll see.

  • http://www.noggindigital.com/ Zach Kasperski

    Thanks for the update, Myles. I’m really interested to see this thing rolled out in full, that is, to those who already have existing Local profiles on the Google network. For an SMB, I urge choosing a local SEO consultant or website optimization professional to carry out SEO campaigns, mainly because they may have heard of the SMB before and are more familiar with the industry/area in which the SMB operates.

    In my opinion, local is always better. Think about local vs. national governments, grocery stores, and restaurants. SEO can be complicated and frustrating, especially it changes so much. Local SEOs will provide you with the information you need and will give you a more personable experience as opposed to large national companies. Also, it’s important to understand that these local business listings/directories play a key role in how search engines display your information. That being said, make sure you’re part of the local puzzle by putting your business on the map. Cheers!

  • http://twitter.com/HaleyCertified HaleyCertifiedCenter

    So, this is only for new businesses? Do you expect that this dashboard will be available for established businesses with long ago verified locallistings?

  • Anidor Hakak

    Hi Myles, tx for the update.

    A few questions –
    1. What about google places? Is it gonna stay or will google kill it eventually?

    2. Should we open a new listing in the local plus or the new interface or maybe the old places interface? Why do we even have the option to open it in g+?

    3. What about business with some branches at different cities? Should they open a few listings?

    Tx again

  • http://www.paulisystems.net/ Birgit Pauli-Haack

    Thank you so much for your great over view on what’s to come.Very much appreciate this summary, and will send quite a few SMB’s to this page, so they read up about what’s next in Google Local.

    Having done quite some research for multi-unit restaurant companies, is there a vision how multi-unit companies will handle their different localities, especially regarding Google+ posts? Many, many times update are company wide and only a subset of posts will be specific for individual locations… I have not seen any provisions for this scenario.

    Foursquare seems to have solved this problem very nicely, by creating the Chain entity and allow allow a choice to target all location or just a specific one….

  • Sunday

    In kingged.com where this post was shared and liked, I have made the following comment:
    these changes really make life easier for small businesses? I agree
    that there is improvement in the way Google handles ‘locals’ but
    ultimately the major beneficiary could still be the search engine.
    Whatever, it is still good that Myles Anderson took his time to remind
    SMBs and SEOs of what they should really expect with the changes made in
    the New Google Place Dashboard.

  • Akash Tripathi

    Thanks for this useful information. Local is always good. This post is very helpful for us. My opinion Google Places is an another source of traffic to you site and this is the first thing we have to do before building citations for our site.

  • http://ariherzog.com/ Ari Herzog

    The benefits for Google Places listings is clear for brick and mortar locations; but what about virtual stores? Places that only exist online? Is it worthwhile?

  • http://twitter.com/tomshark tomshivers

    I recently added a Google+ Local listing for a client’s additional location and found that the analytics are way off… the new listing shows zero impressions but lots of actions since it went live. Puzzling but interesting.

  • Raheel Mushtaq

    The new Google Places Dashboard includes a tab to allow business owners to manage their Google+ Local pages. This tab makes it easier for local business owners to gain access to the social features of Google+, such as sharing posts, photos and videos. Brandsynario

  • Myles Anderson

    Yes existing businesses will get the dashboard in due course. Apparently google has rolled this out to all NEW listings across the whole of the US now. Next step is existing listings in the US (AFAIK) and then other countries after that. Timelines not published or clear. Best thing to do is follow Mike Blumenthal (http://blumenthals.com/blog/) as i’m sure news of latest updates will land there first

  • Myles Anderson

    Quick answers, or at least my take on the situation for you –

    1. Google+ Local is going to be the sole profile page for businesses in Google Local ecosystem moving forward. The name ‘Google Places’ will remain in a B2B capacity (e.g. Places for Business dashboard). Even the local team representatives at Google still call it ‘Places’ not google+ local!

    2. The old interface will transfer into the new dashboard in time. HOwever if you’re starting a new listing from scratch in a different/new account then you’ll get the new dashboard. If you’re adding a new listing to an existing account I believe your stuck with the old interface for now.

    3. If a business has a genuine location in different cities then absolutely, set up 1 G+ listing for each location. Just make sure to follow the guidelines closely and ensure that each listing is a genuine local listing

  • Scott Rowley

    Here is a look at some insights – http://www.scottrowley.com/1/post/2013/04/new-google-places-dashboard.html

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge / thoughts things to consider.

  • David Anderson

    Great to see some updates coming – Google places is driving people to my websites for keywords I would never rank for normally. FYI – can’t use the ‘offers’ function yet in Australia…

  • thao lee