• dmcsorley

    Greg, sound advice. I love this article. You brought up some great points. I like that you also mentioned, #12 – “Don’t neglect your site”. Many companies are forgetting about their websites, trying to spend most of their time & money in social media.
    Keep up the great writings. DM

  • http://www.arkovi.com bwarrene

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to manage your social media footprint. Archiving all of your streams (think blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) in one archive that you manage is ideal. This accommodates analysis of your content, search and reposting capabilities, export and integration. Not to mention it can resolve issues around e-discovery, compliance and other supervisory matters.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Great piece, Greg.

    #1 particularly resonates. If you generate customer loyalty it takes a great deal of pressure off of your customer acquisition needs. Acquisition is expensive; retention, much less so.

  • Milly Diaz-Tamar

    Great points, Greg. #2 in my opinion is probably the most important one for brands to bear in mind. You’re putting all the hard work you’ve invested in building up your brand at risk by jumping in without a well thought out strategy.

  • Greg Finn

    George – exactly! Couldn’t have said it better! I think that some brands are really seeing quite an online social boost from treating customers with care in everything they do offline. Flying back from Chicago last night I was doing a quick search to see who was delayed out there and came across this tweet:


    That is a tweet about someone being delayed and it is about as positive as can be! As a fellow flyer sitting on the floor paying for WiFi, I am rethinking my current airline carrier because of that experience.

  • http://www.pinnacleofindiana.com Michelle Hillaert

    Resolutions #1 and #2 are both key. You have to treat your customers well, or your reputation and business will suffer, but without a strategy and setting aside concrete goals, how can you even consider embarking on a campaign? Figure out what your story is. What it is that makes you unique. Treat your customers like you actually care about them. Then… you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful SMO campaign. @mhillaert

  • http://www.gamsun-media.se Social-Media

    Wow Greg – That’s a great post!

    Merry Christmas!

    Magnus Lundin – sweden

  • http://www.octoudel.com jmichaelwarner

    Love the Sun Tzu quote, a well developed strategy is a must.