• http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    Could you please clarify, how do you see your audience ?
    Who did you write this for ?

  • juliejoyce

    Anyone who has a website and does business online, basically.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    I own website and do business online. Let’s see :

    1. “If you’ve never run your own link report, do so now.”
    – Why? If person has website and does business online long enough, then obviously s/he can do it without something like this.
    It sounds like pure promotion from the owner of the link development firm. Would be nice to see kind of analyze, based on study with figures and graphs.

    2. “Keep A Constant Eye On Your Links”
    – same

    3. “Set Up Both Google’s And Bing’s Webmaster Tools”
    – Can you provide comparison charts ?

    4. “Maybe you have a giant site that generates loads of natural links, but you are using a shady service.”
    – What service do you mean, when site generates loads of natural links by itself ?

    5. “Take 15 minutes a week to skim the headlines of a major SEO site or subscribe to a weekly link column. Follow the major SEO sites on Twitter.”
    – see 1&2

    For me, as the website owner, here is too many promotion and not enough precise information, based on studies.

  • juliejoyce

    If you’ve done fine without having to take any of this advice, awesome. Plenty of people aren’t in that situation so I should clarify that my intended audience, with this piece, would be those people.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    If you would clarify regarding the audience, then people like me wouldn’t feel like you wasted our time.

    This is an example of the smart marketing.

    I also would like to advise you to make your future articles less promotional regardless of the audience.

    Thanks )

  • juliejoyce

    If I wanted to be super promotional I would have written it so that everyone reading it would feel like they have to contact me for my services, and I certainly don’t think that I did that but thanks for your point of view.

  • http://www.GandGTrialLawyers.com/ Eric Ganci

    Just getting into following Search Land, and really trying to learn more about this whole world of online stuffs. Enjoyed your article, and look forward to checking out the links. Especially the stuff about the back linking. Good info, thanks!

  • http://viralcontentbuzz.com/ Gerald Weber

    @JustConsumer:disqus ,

    I found this article to be very useful and informative! As Julie’s articles always are!

    It’s clear by each and every one of your anonymous comments that your intention here is just to troll the author.

    There is absolutely nothing self promotional about this article, Nor is it confusing or difficult to understand. You have no genuine interest in the article or to adding legitimate conversation.

    My free advice to you sir would be to spend your time more productively and stop trolling the comments.

    keep up the great work Julie! Great job! :-)

  • juliejoyce

    thanks very much!

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    You probably must be more attentive.

    As author stated above this article was written for “Anyone who has a website and does business online”, not for “president and founder of Search Engine Marketing Group and co-founder of Viral Content Buzz, which is The free social media platform to get help with promoting your best content”.

    It was written for me, not for you )
    You should know all this by yourself ))

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    I strongly suggest you to hire professional.
    Your business has nothing to do with this business. These are two totally different businesses. Be professional in your own business, not to be barely professional in both.

  • Arpit

    Great steps for SEO i ever read by any blogger. This is really ultimate post.


  • ViperRCZ

    Great post Julie. As an SEO who runs many campaigns it’s a very good checklist for 2014. Naturally, campaigns to come me in all different shapes and stages of being SEO’d and it’s great to see someone giving people, who might not know what to do with the campaign, a list of things they can do this year to avoid being hit by a Google update.

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the person on here who wants to hide behind their anonymous profile to try and be clever. Their comments are littered with badly structured sentences that make them look a bit amateurish and unprofessional. Why anyone would find fault with someone trying to give out helpful advice is beyond me.

    Keep it up Julie.

  • juliejoyce

    Thanks very much.

  • http://www.clarkcountyexpert.com/ John Slocum, Vancouver

    Agree the Google Webmaster Tools is an almost necessity. I had a mysterious duplicate content penalty happen not too long after the Panda update. Finding and fixing that sneaker alias-domain, then asking for reconsideration through GWT got the main site back in the game!

  • Atul

    Very useful article. I liked the list of tools to check backlink profile. However, if one were to remove bad links from one’s profile, are there any tools apart from Disavow.