• http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

    Great piece, Debra! Out of all of them, the only one I disagree with is Eric’s third, and TBH, that may be wishful thinking on my part. However, I do see newsletters making a comeback already, so he may be right on that one, as well.

  • http://www.searchworxx.com Marcus C

    Eric is dreaming with his first prediction. Those linkbuilders will still be alive and well for years to come unfortunately, they just won’t survive in the most competitive industries.

    My prediction for 2011 is that an “Influence” algorithm will gain momentum, wherein Google will begin to associate the most influential (most liked, most shared, most tweeted) social media content with its creators, and assign influence “scoring” to them. The non-social sites those creators operate gain more ranking love from Google even without direct links. This is somewhat of the opposite direction Eric sees in his second prediction, but I believe they achieve similar ends. I think this purifies the social media content pool, where people begin to add real value to generate Influence, whether its on social media sites, forums, or blogs and are rewarded with ranking credibility with their websites.

    I don’t think we will see a decline in blogging, rather I see a change in WHERE we blog.

  • http://www.alliance-link.com Debra Mastaler

    Thanks Sheldon, appreciate your comment. :)

  • http://RandyRay RandyRay

    I’m really impressed with Debra Mastaler’s contribution here. She clearly put a lot of thought and effort into what she contributed. Helpful stuff, thanks.

  • http://www.alliance-link.com Debra Mastaler

    @Marcus – Google and Bing are already incorporating the weight and influence of social signals in their algos, how much is the question. Danny asked both engines directly about this and they responded, here’s the link for review: http://searchengineland.com/what-social-signals-do-google-bing-really-count-55389

    You also said this: “I don’t think we will see a decline in blogging, rather I see a change in WHERE we blog”

    My first reaction was to disagree with you on this point but on second thought, if you’re suggesting “guest blogging” will make up for the shortage in blogging because of the emphasis we now place on this as a tactic, you might be right.

    Like I said, I don’t blog as much mainly because link building/marketing is about where you stick links and I can’t share sources and keep clients happy. But a lot of people I know don’t blog much anymore because of time issues.

    @RandyRay – Thank you! It helps when you actually do what you write about, which all three of us – do!

  • http://www.torontoseogroup.com Mike Childs

    Debra I guess I’m in the fan club too. Great post overall but your contribution resonates the most with me.
    Cheers guys – shared.

  • http://www.searchworxx.com Marcus C

    @Debra – Thanks for the reply. I agree with on some level with blogging having some decline, but I find that where there is a decline in blogging things like microblogging and Facebook posts make up the difference. Guest blogging is another tactic, as you deduced, that allows content that would languish on a less-traveled blog become much more important. I still recommend blogging to my clients, including defining the content strategy, and defining the placement strategy.

    Danny’s column is pretty close to my thinking, I just think it becomes a much bigger factor than they are letting on by the end of 2011.