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    Thanks for sharing. Each points very valuable.

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    Andrew, really enjoyed the post. It seems to me that a lot of this is applicable to Google local as well?

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    That’s really cool idea to achieve local business listing.

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    Great article! We’ve been slowly emphasizing the importance of things like basic listings to help with our clients. It’s great to have an article to back up everything we’ve been saying to our clients. It always amazes us that people don’t realize the influence of the little things like local searches.

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    Great synopsis Andrew!
    However, which search engines are you referring too in your statement: “many search engines offer an organic rankings boost to advertisers as an incentive.” Google and Bing state that paid search doesn’t influence organic rankings and I’ve never seen any evidence to the contrary. Perhaps internal YP.com or TripAdvisor search is different?

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    Thanks Mo. That said, Chris Silver Smith shares some amazing stuff. And there are plenty of other great SEL contributors.

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    Michael, I am referring to the local search engines (e.g. yellow pages sites) that boost the visibility of advertisers in their results. Not G & B

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    Nice Share Andrew!! Yes local business directory services will help to get our company noticed by the millions of people searching online. We need to be careful while filling the details and Thanks for sharing and providing elaborate explanation on it !!

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    Thanks Andrew, this is a great summary of the many factors that influence local search… good food for thought!

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    Nice post Andrew! I think unclaimed listings and poor click thru rates are often the two most important things that can really help the smb rank better.

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    Hello Andrew, can you please give me an example of how to run a test query to understand how the search engines (Google) map keywords to categories? (relevancy signals point 2) Thank you!

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    I am not really talking about Google in this post although i suppose Google uses similar factors. Go to your fave local search engine such as YP.com and start typing a query in the search box like “Tax att…” In YP.com’s case, a suggested queries drop-down menu will appear with relevant queries such as “tax attorneys”, “tax law attorneys” and “property tax attorneys” which are likely the most popular “tax att…” categories. Click on “tax attorneys” for your city and you’ll see a list of related searches at the bottom of the SERP. These simple tests can give you a good idea of which categories are relevant for you to target.

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    Creating a local presence is one of the most important factor for any business, which is often neglected. This is one the great articles I’ve come across. I believe that ratings and reviews play a major role, especially when they are user generated.

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    Great post, Andrew! Can you recommend any local directories besides those mentioned in the article? Considering the Google Panda updates, how do I know they are high quality enough to be worth the effort?

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    I really love seeing others write about hot topics, which seem less important to the public. Local SEO is a completely different beast than that of SEO, while both are similar. Doesn’t sound like it makes a lot of sense, I know.

    But andrew really touched on a lot of those points above. great post andy!