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    100% spot on with this post.

  • chris boggs

    Wow Nick very nice article! I will quote you in a presentation today. :)

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    This truly is an excellent and inspiring piece. I too think this is the direction that SEO and attaining links should be heading and I like your way of thinking about how to package this as a SEO service.

  • http://seo-space.blogspot.com Jody Nimetz

    Nick this is an excellent post. You are the rockstar of link baiting.

    “Those of you already working on linkbaiting services are the rockstars of the industry, the pioneers of change, and you have a responsibility to yourselves and the industry as a whole to not let a wonderful win-win service gain an undeserved, shady reputation.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. This post in itself is a tremendous piece of link bait as it is interesting, somewhat unique and extremely useful. Great job.

  • Nick Wilson

    Thanks everyone, it’s taken me this long to get my damn passwored mailed by typepad :)

    If anyone has questions, feel free to comment or email me at nick@communicontent.com

    Im hoping ot continue the linkbait theme next week.

    Lastly, thanks to Danny for the opportunity to post here at SEL!

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    Great article! I don’t really care for the term “widgetbait” though. “Widget(s)” alone works just fine and already describes exactly what you’re defining. The problem is that most widgets are built to be SE friendly.

  • http://www.emergence-media.com DanielR


    Great article. While I think Widgets are a great SEO Linkbait tool, I think its greatest value is more on the branding side of things.

    I would imagine that more people will be “branded” by the Widget than moved to write about it in blogs and other media outlets.

    Keep up the great work Nick.



  • Nick Wilson

    Cameron, you can blame the editor for the term widgetbait :)

    Daniel, branding is indeed a big plus when talking about widgets. People will link though. They’ll link to the download page most often – which is why it’s nice to tie that page into other content and combine goals, but dont forget that with some types of widgets you can also encourage people to link to you or build the link right into the widget itself.

    We did it with the firefox tool, do a search for powered by performancing firefox” – we didn’t do that for seo purposes but the principle is the same..

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Absolutely, I take the heat for shoving widgetbait in there :)

  • http://www.pronetadvertising.com Cameron Olthuis

    No harm, no foul.

    BTW – I meant to say that most widgets AREN’T built to be SE friendly.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/lauralippay lauralippay

    It is SOOO the year of Widgetbait! Just thinking about it makes me….happy. Web widgets (aka badges, download code, APIs) are popping up all over the place – check uot any MySpace page & they’re loaded with them. Surprisingly, you’re right, SO many people and even companies putting out widgets dont know about the potential SEO benefits. (Surprising that they dont know, not that you’re right) :)

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but now that the cat’s out of the bag…. I’ll add an important reminder:

    Web widgets can be made in Flash, in iFrames, as image links, as dynamically called data, etc etc. So when you or your developres are putting out web widgets with SEO linkbait swirlies in your eyes, remember that no matter how you create your web widget, the widget needs to link back to your site and the link needs to live on the external site’s page (not hidden in Flash, AJAX, remote XML files, etc).

    On top of that, optimize the text, link to deep pages, even change up the links when people get the download code to provide links to multiple places in your site.

    Happy widgetbaiting. :)

  • http://www.w3-edge.com/ Frederick Townes

    Very informative! I still do see once challenge on the horizon for widgest as a viral marketing vehicle – accessibility. Most of the popular tools I’ve seen (many pointed to in Abhilash’s post last week), as successful as they are, could prove even more fruitful if made fully accessible to the SE. We’ll see what happens there.

  • http://mediavidea.blogspot.com/2007/01/widgets-good-or-bad.html Pramit

    Imagine a world with 100 million blogs with 100 million widgets.

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    Great post with a lot of clear ideas – look forward to reading more.

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    To a very large extent language defines perception and perhaps reality.

    As you note, we need to “focus entirely on providing value to your client’s users and making that value easy to link to.” and “the industry [needs to] put its shady image to one side and starts becoming the respected, valued member of the social media scene it deserves to be”.

    I would suggest that we might start by using a term other than “linkbaiting” as a description of our activity . Its intrinsic implication is that of exploitation and it hardly describes the act of creating amazing content. It can do nothing but create the perception of shady characters.

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    Nick, this is an excellent post. In other words: spend your time to produce something of value.

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    Nice to read a very new concept of link baiting from you…I would like to see some more posts from your end for better link baiting understanding..
    Thanks again for this gr8 post…

  • http://seocrazy.blogspot.com Manish Chauhan

    Nice to read a very new concept of link baiting from you…I would like to see some more posts from your end for better link baiting understanding..
    Thanks again for this gr8 post…