• http://www.localsearchforum.com/ Linda Buquet

    Clever and funny piece Andrew and so true! I’d be hatin’ life if I owned a local directory site right about now — and I’d be taking your advice too. :-)

  • http://adambeau.com Adam Beau

    Good piece. Spot on. It’s tough for local businesses when the competition now involves these large directory websites that continually push out city targeted pages and have marketing budgets that don’t come close to any small business.

    It’s clear that even ranking in the Google maps listing area generates very little traffic back to the businesses website, as told through the dashboard in the back-end where you can see hundreds of impressions with minimal click through.

  • Carla Dawson

    Fantastic and so funny. I wish I could write this well ;)

  • FaceOnMars

    I suppose a day without a good laugh is a day wasted, so glad this day wasn’t a waste! The thing is, I don’t believe its just limited to local directories, but ALL directories have been targeted to an extent. Well organized and administered directories for particular niches are all under the gun in my estimation. I believe the directory structure is inherently a major source of competition to a search engine which relies upon a single input box to sort everything out.

  • http://optilocal.org Nevyana Karakasheva

    My favorite piece for today:)) Love the forth paragraph, thanks for the good mood:))

  • http://harsh.im Harshajyoti Das www.harsh.im

    A local business has comparatively less money to invest in SEO specially
    when they have to take on giants like Yelp. Well, algorithm has changed
    the local search industry tremendiously in the past year. I would
    definitely suggest that they should go out looking for alternative
    traffic sources such as pinterest, facebook, reddit etc.

  • http://www.mozalami.com/ Mozalami

    Well as consultant for a couple of Local directories in Canada my biggest challenge is to convince them that listings as you mentioned under state > city > category inst the rel deal “Content is King” “content marketing” and so on.. is always their reply !! I love this piece and indeed when they start blogging they stop after a couple of months as it implies other skills than just selling ads. Thx andrew!

  • Jennifer

    There are multi-millions of dollars at stake for Google to ding these sites because a LARGE portion of their traffic gets purchased directly from the “GOOG” (similar to the borg in Star Trek). Many of these companies ONLY exist on traffic purchased from Google as their primary revenue source. Yes, arbitrage is alive and well in 2014. If Google really cared about it’s users and had “church and state” as they claim this would not be continuing. Bottom line is the money is too important to them to give a true valued user experience. More of us need to talk about it publically, so thank you for posting this.

  • guptaabhijit318

    I would completely agree with your article. You highlighted many interesting points in article. Thank you for great and helpful article.

  • Jerry Lee

    When you think of it Google is a glorified directory service that has used the stuff from the small directories to build their empire. Now they don’t need the small fry any more so they are discarded and handed intensive optimizing techniques to further enhance their dominance. Sounds “evil” to me :|