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    I certainly never expected to see Herbivoracious mentioned on Search Engine Land! The “Why I’m a Vegetarian, Dammit” post also produced a fair amount of controversy as well as the “preaching to the choir effect”. It really has been very interesting to see all the reactions. I like your list a lot, there are way more ideas there than I’ve ever considered.

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    @Michael – I may be bias there as a vegan :) Glad you liked the list!

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    I think you just developed our content schedule for 2012! But seriously, this is a great article that any smart content marketer will keep handy at all times. Wonderful work!

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    I’ve got to say that I’ve seen no shortage of content idea lists like this in all my daily SEO and social marketing reading, most are pretty bland and cliche. This one is the best I’ve seen in a long time though, and it actually stirred some fresh ideas. Well done Jordan.

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    Nice tips for some one like me who is a new blogger. These are great tips for personal blogger and all ideas can be safely used. But many of the ideas can not be used for business blogging especially if your company is in B2B or consulting/professional services space. The content has always been very important for these classes of businesses. They used to use white papers, technical papers, research reports etc to attract serious buyers. What advise you will give to these businesses that are now using blogging in additional to traditional content mentioned above. Do you have tips customized to this class of bloggers.

    Second how these professional services businesses can harness power of video and images (cartoon/info graphics etc)? May be topic for another blog?


  • http://www.steelcast.com Jordan Kasteler

    Thanks Agam!

  • http://www.steelcast.com Jordan Kasteler

    @Girish it’s time for businesses (b2b or not) to relook at their content strategies. the traditional way of things should still be done but not solely relied upon.

    As for the use of media. I’ve written about that many times. Check out some of my earlier posts here.