• http://seo-theory.blogspot.com/ Michael Martinez

    I guess this means it’s a slow news week in searchengineland because these unwarranted defenses of SEO are getting old.

  • Rob

    You know, when I first heard his remarks I thought Calcanis was a moron. Now I’m convinced he’s a bloody genius. In one week he can make a half apology to play nice with the major players, and what does he get out of all of it? Thousands of links to his site and free SEO services (in the guise of a “challenge”).


  • http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/ Matt McGee

    I have to agree with Michael and Rob. This is getting old, and the industry ends up looking bad just by replying. Time to ignore the Rant-Bait.


  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    Well, let me reply.

    (1) I also think this whole thing is out of hand. I personally did not post this at the Search Engine Roundtable or my personal blog.

    (2) I think Michael’s comments are a bit too harsh.

  • http://www.fathomseo.com Mike Murray

    Individually, people spend an excessive amount of time weighing in on these issues. For example, I can’t imagine taking the time to actually do white hat SEO for Jason. Collectively, the debate isn’t too bad. For me, some of the comments actually manage to inspire some good ideas that I think can benefit clients or win over a prospect. I’m mostly concerned about helping businesses develop a sense of urgency abour ROI or how to counter a large prospect that ultimately says “I can do this myself.”