• http://www.scismmarketing.com/ Eric Scism

    #17 happens all the time! I hate when the design / dev doesn’t communicate what they’re doing then you have to go back in and fix the site structure and URLs and re do a lot of work. Giant waste of time.

  • http://ericburnettonline.com Eric Burnett

    Great Post, I love all the value you have here on this blog…

  • Scott Clark

    Broke my mouse button clicking on “Like” on this one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113722895 Jason Danzi

    Excellent article with very in-depth information. Thanks!

  • http://bet-the-nfl-super-bowl.com/ Super Bowl

    I agree that tinkering with something that is working is a terrible idea. The only problem is with the all the changes happening now is search, people need to tinker. Hopefully making changes now for the long run will benefit sites down the road.

  • Joe Rega

    Great article Eric! You raised a lot of great points here. The only one I “slightly” disagree with is
    #23. I think a “healthy” obsession with SEO is fine, attending conferences reading articles (such as this one), but yes you are correct that we should wait to see if our methods are working before we make any changes.

  • http://www.sebastiancowie.com/ Sebastian Cowie

    I think you’ve touched on a number of great points here Eric. Automation and obession are 2 things that will kill off a number of seos that simply dont want to keep up with the latest trends. SEO s becoming more of a creative process and less of a paint by numbers/deliverables game.

  • Eric Enge

    Hi Joe – the operative phrase was a “healthy obsession”! With that, I agree

  • http://twitter.com/TheNextCorner Dennis Goedegebuure

    LOL at #10,  I’ve seen and heard worse! I once heard somebody say he/she knew SEO because they built a search engine… !
    Last time I checked, Google SEO score card was pretty bad…

  • myra_mae

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7T23OGAWLLPBEE7NURQBDCOW3A Mary

    Love your post. Finally a real SEO who speaks out –and makes sense. Thanks for bringing up attention to the fact that there is so much incorrect information out there (article publishing rat race), the link building madness, the quantity over quality, and all the Self proclaimed SEO professional titles–the last title I heard was a guy who called himself THE WORLDS EXPERT SEO, and he has only been doing this for a yea., Really. 

    Eric touches the button line of SEO. And the button line is that you need years of experience if you want to come close to get it as an SEO. Period. –finally an article worth reading. Remind me of the good old days of SEO. Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tomecceservices Barry Ecce Serv

    Mary is absolutely correct, anyone who says to be an SEO expert perfectly knows this title is a total BS. The only reason one could call himself expert on SEO is if Google comes knocking his door, and tells him what are the factors they use to rank sites. Is never going to happen. So lets call our jobs for what it really is. SEO period (we tried to optimize and rank sites to the best of our knowledge, intuition and experience). I have been doing this for six years, and I will never call myself an expert on SEO. On SEM  Im an expert. SEM is an Objective online marketing field. SEO is subjective, so I’m no SEO expert (no one is). I’m just a navigator and an explorer my friend :)

  • http://www.TrondLyngbo.no Trond Lyngbø

    Excellent article, Eric.
    You nailed it! :-)

  • russofford

    Very interesting concept / way to put it:

    24.  On-Page Only SEO

    “…but on-page largely defines relevance for the search engines, and not ranking.”


  • http://twitter.com/yoursdisgusted slipperyslope

    It is a somewhat  one sided view of the SEO/Client relationship, which will no doubt get a lot of applause from the SEO community.

     In my view, a lot of the problem IS  the SEO community itself, which is bad at explaining what matters to clients, and part of that stems from  trying to shroud simple things in mystery, and the lack of admission of what it does not know.

    Worse still as your rightly point out developers claiming they “Know” SEO are steering too many in wrong directions, and with so many sharks and charlatans both in and out of the SEO industry, and incessant spamming by apparent SEO’s offering to help webmasters  it is hardly surprising that  industry does not know who to trust,.

    The industry has an image problem, and a lot of the problems follow on from that.

  • Eric Enge

     slipperyslope – I fully agree,  Many problems come from those who call themselves SEO experts.  There are people who are experts who don’t do the work, there are those who take huge risks without informing the clients, there are those who propose risks that the client should not take (even if they DO inform the client), and there are those who are outright incompetent.

    Could be a great topic for another article.

  • Mike Vandepeer

    And you have of course tested  all of this and not just regurgetated…. vomited up stuff you hear from around the traps.. ??

    try 18…Listening To Bad Or Outdated Advice From Others

    search engines don’t use meta keywords.. is what i think you are trying to say….

    Try this .. build a page about a topic, a decent page say 500 plus words with images etc.. dont mention the keyword in the meta tag.. or even on the page… (so write about gardens say and specifically about screening trees.. (thinking about say “candle pines” as the keyword) but dont mention candle pines sany where except in a well constructed meta tag set.. which uses say
    title      “great screening trees for your garden”
    keyword   screening trees, candle pines,
    description : choosing great screening treef for your garden …

    and guess what happens (8 times out of 10) the page shows up for; wait for; it drumroll “candle pines”..
    and depending on competition, relevance local search all the other things
    : on and on..it can show up on the front page with no backlinks, no other on page or off page seo.. juist 1 mention of the keyword,,,
    IN THE KEYWORD META TAG…. so whose right – whose wrong..
    TEST TEST TEST..  why wouldnt you use the keyword meta tag….

    now sure you cant take out the meta tag “candle pine” and insert “kitchen sink” and expect it to show up for kitchen sink..
    but so often by simply adding a highly related keyword meta tag this occurs
    and so often i have to battle business owners who are believing the people who believe the search engines and other seo’s that the first thing i look for is keyword meta tags on the site..

    if they are missing.. i know i’m in for a fun easy ride..

    Now i’m not saying they are a sweet way to the top.. But in local markets, with low real competition and business owners who have no seo on their site (built by some “internet-seo expert”) and with the site not showing for any keywords  (any keywords related to the business = things that they sell)
    putting in a couple of meta tags, waiting a couple of days wacking a couple of backlinks and then in a couple of days being on page 1 or 2 for a couple of “relevant to business sales” keywords is a sure way to cement a new relationship..

  • logan9497

    Great article Eric. I always think of #13 as social search optimization, optimizing your posts on your social networks

  • Rajesh Dhawan

    I think a part of the problem is the fact that most ‘Business Owners’ do not have a tangible way to record measurable gains that have been brought about by SEO efforts. The only thing he is interested in is seeing immediate rank improvements. Add to that the fact that the small business owner really does not pay any thought to the questionable SEO practices that could be resorted by someone who is giving him 50 x PR-4 links for $200. 

    It is actually funny because the ‘Business Owners’ want results in terms of rankings, and choose to ignore any sane advice in terms of building long term ‘Brand Equity’ and maintaining that ‘Brand Equity’ through SEO efforts. A good business would be worth its Brand Value that has been created after years of hard work.

    At the end of the day, I let a ‘Business Owner’ decide the worth of his Business. If his site is worth a ‘business value’, he will never take a short-cut. If his aim is to make $200 off affiliate sales, then he can definitely go the $200 for 50 PR-4 links. It is to each one’s own goals.

  • http://webmasterlabor.com/income-generating-websites-for-sale.html Income Producing Blogs 4 Sale

    #2 is the most important factor to me. You can’t do SEO separately from other key marketing and business goals. It can’t be done. SEO must be part of a HOLISTIC strategy.

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    Seo can be simply compared to an strategy. The promotion broker engages each technique in his or her pet to gain the visitors of prospects and thereby, increase earnings. As far as Net based marketing is worried, different amazing Seo methods are used by internet internet marketers so that their web page continues to be at the top pages of a Look for Website page.

  • http://tinybigideas.com/ Craig Thomas

    SEO is easy, stop making it seem like a credible job with long term prospects – A developer.