• sportsguy

    I have to agree with this article. I’ve found the best links I have come to me. I didn’t go looking for them, they appeared when I wasn’t expecting them, and often in relation to something I did in the community.

    I’m actively involved, I give freely of my time and share what I know – this combined with useful, unique content is a powerful combo.

    Sure, it takes time, and no it doesn’t result in immediate revenues.

    But the bottom line isn’t a quick buck, it’s long-term growth.

    Patiences, involvement, knowledge and honestly still seem to work these days – even with link building.

    Great article Debra. :)

    Duane Forrester

  • http://www.ericward.com eric_ward

    I think there’s a certain type of person for whom it’s easier to be passionate about linking. You are so right about this. The best link builders are a bit obsessive compulsive, as well as insatiably curious, and also patient patient patient. Willing to spend endless hours exploring the nooks and crannies of the online world, alone, with enthusiasm that others just don’t get, or don’t want to get.

    The adrenaline junkie wants links fast- digg digg digg! bait bait bait! buzz buzz buzz! rank rank rank! Short term stuff is fine, and has a place, but I find I smile biggest when I get an positive reply from a truly perfect target site, to a link request I sent months ago and had forgotten about.

    Great post Debra!!

  • http://www.elixirsystems.com Fionn

    Now if we could just get the clients to understand that and be patient as the right type of linking is carried out. Despite the penalties for bad linking and the amount of information that is out there most people still do not want to believe that the quick fix does’nt work long term. Its also amazing how little people are prpeared to pay for quality linking given that as you say if you do it correctly its great cost effective marketing.