• Sylvain Pastor

    Wow… that’s what I call a bad article.

  • http://twitter.com/marisa_fox Marisa Fox

    Title should be “Three Basic Things SEO & PPC People Should Know”. The premise is weird…PPC has more necessity to be quality & relevant than SEO. SEO takes time – PPC takes time & costs money. If a PPC person has to learn this, they are not a PPC person.

  • http://www.agamegame.net/ Dao thi Uyen

    Title, content, keywords are three indispensable components in SEO

  • Vendita Auto

    Code, Linguistics the core is basic/shallow, the rest is layer cake that we work with. Nothing unique in any content only in the technology. Turing to Google the root keyword or code is the same until we evolve some yet. If you have the keyword and the brand com or cc it is a great advantage to any SEO pro worth his salt, use directly and to co-brand the registrant brand name trust / integrity. Your post is a simple reminder of what is the basics.  

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelJessop Michael Jessop

    Another for PPCers to pick up from SEOers. HUSTLE!

  • Vendita Auto

    Keywords another route:
    Little research on Twitter: @SEO = 17,876 Followers / @RandFish (founder of SEOmoz) = 57,861 Followers / @SEOmoz = 119,000 Followers / @Senginland Followers = 100,353 / @Avanish Followers = 74,015 As good as AJ Ghergich might be the name @SEO was very good marketing = co-branding