• http://imateski.blogspot.com/ Igor Mateski

    Now that’s a well written article, and a good read. I’ve been doing these things on my site and although improvements arent dramatic (since the traffic is far from dramatic), it’s still good to do the simple things first. I’ve also read on the net that it’s good to include a product tour video, which also includes a demo of how the checkout process looks like. That way, people will know what to do to get the product, and the product review will offer a more “hands-on” experience that gives the extra push so people would be more compelled to buy.
    Thanks for summing things up in a succinct way.

  • http://blog.vminnovations.com Khushbaht (Lucky)

    Nice, I would also suggest the social proof and or any other images pointing to (looking at the) “Big Call to Action” button – here is one I recently created:


    or more obvious one by Zappos:


  • http://www.mongoosemetrics.com M.M.

    Paras, these are three excellent tips. With respect to the call-to-action buttons, marketers may also want to consider integrating phone numbers as well. Depending on the product, service, device their viewing the landing page on or customer preference, individuals may be more inclined to call than complete a form or purchase online. A call tracking solution can be used to track and record these offline conversions, and then feed source data directly into web analytics to form a complete lead conversion picture for more effective analysis.