• http://www.hiconversion.com zagano

    Thanks for making it so obvious: small increases in conversion rate can deliver a huge impact to the bottom line.

    We have developed a complete article dedicated to the same topic: http://hiconversion.net/business-tactics/the-business-case-for-conversion-rate-optimization-cro/.

    So, how is it possible that online marketers are still obsessed with counting visitors instead of converting them into sales?

  • http://www.webnabit.com mwheeler

    Nice article. To answer Zaganos question, I believe because every hit is a potential sale. Without traffic there can be no sale. The product or service should do the selling.

  • http://searchengineland.com Sandra Niehaus

    Hi zagano, thanks for spreading the word further with your article. One reason we run into for many marketers’ obsession with visit count is that it’s simply an easier metric to report on than conversion rate. Unless the site generates revenue through ad impressions, though, the pure visit count metric can really lead you down the wrong path, because it encourages you to treat all your visitors the same. Site owners should be segmenting their traffic and addressing each audience (and marketing channel) individually.

  • http://searchengineland.com Sandra Niehaus

    Hey mwheeler, That’s a very good point – no traffic, no sales. Of course, you also want your website to be as effective a ‘salesman’ as possible.

  • http://austinsearchengineoptimization.net austinseonet

    Great post. A little tip: Your call to action should be prominently displayed on every page of your site. If you don’t know where you want you users ending up, then you haven’t put enough thought into your site.