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    It’s interesting that you find it worthwhile enough to write an article that points this out to people!

    A lot of us out side the USA purchase products or services from the US for a variety of reasons, often because we want a specialist item that is not available locally (especially in a small country like NZ).

    A decision can be made based on whether the potential vendor has a global vs local (ie US) view. This is indicative of how good the support will be and how well the product or service meets local requirements.

    One thing that will be a challenge is the style of marketing used by some that could be considered ‘cheesy’ or ‘over the top’ in some countries (like NZ). I’m referring to the endless ‘but wait there’s more’ campaign pages. I’m looking for an SEO tool and discounted one simply because I couldn’t find out what functionality the software had – the website was one long sales pitch full of testimonials and rantings of how great it was. I’m not going to believe this just because you tell me so!

    The other thing that might be challenging is legal/statutory requirements that can be more rigorous, for example around individual identity verification. This requires the provision of private information that raises eyebrows in countries with conservative individual privacy norms.