• StevenS


    3. Implement tracking to better optimize performance.

    I believe that is much easier said than done. Can you go into greater detail how you would track conversions from separate placements? Would you create landing pages for each placement? If you recommend that, then how would you go about optimizing the landing pages for different placements? Would you rotate different versions by split testing? That could become an exponential nightmare.

  • http://www.fastonlinesuccess.com MarketingNinja

    Great Article! I also found that using image ads on content network works really well. The image ads could be mostly text based. Just be sure to use captivating headline and use benefits words.

    Hi Ashley,
    to enable tracking for each placement, Google Adwords will do this for you automatically as long as you enable the conversion tracking in Adwords. Then when you run a report, you will know exactly which sites are converting for you.

  • Thomas Murphy

    Are there any content networks outside of Google that work well for B2B audiences?  An example would be Business.com.