• http://www.losasso.com/ Maggie@losasso

    Great post, I think search budget can definitely be challenging to manage due to the inevitable influx/deflux in traffic – especially when you are just beginning a new campaign. You offered some great suggestions though – will definitely keep in mind

  • http://magiczne.seoisem.pl Kasia Bauer

    I agree with Maggie. It’s a nice post. Thank you for sharing these tips. I found the parts of \Spikes and Dips\ and \technology flaws\ most interesting.

    Being over budget is more common than folks realize.

  • http://www.acquisio.com poiriem

    Excellent article, and yes it is a real problem – especially for agencies – managing budgets and KPIs is no easy task, and the stakes are high.

    Regarding platforms that help marketers with pacing, Acquisio has released a complete budget and KPI tracking module, in BETA, a dozen clients are testing it now, we still have a few small issues to fix up but we’ll be ready for prime time in a couple weeks.

    If anyone would like to demo this new functionality, let me know and I will make time to show you a preview.