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    At first I thought 42% seemed rather low but then I noticed this was not a sampling of SEOs, Search Marketers, and Social Media peeps. One thing we noticed last year was more people emailing with requests to update contact info, professional designation (career or title changes), and content edits on articles they appeared in on our website. A sign that more people are taking reputation management into account and are making efforts to clean up what’s posted online.

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    im crazy so i Google myself constantly im Carter Cole i control so much of the SERP some data centers were even turning off the Google profile results for my name :) hehe… ive been trying to knock down a blank NYTimes article that has just my name and nothing else but their raw power is keeping them on first page even with no content it kinda lame but its a good challenge to try and beat

    im the only Carter Cole in the world! (except for that guy Cole Carter who is a male escort in London lolz)