• Lisaweb

    Re: Deadly Sin #2 and Deadly Sin #3…

    I’m just curious. Which kind of link request subject lines *do* get your attention?

  • http://www.kchblog.com KChristieH

    I usually thank people who comment on my blog, but it’s awkward to thank someone who says they’re linking to me if I don’t want to link to them. I wind up not responding, then feel bad because they’re actually appreciating my work. It just seems wrong to say something like, “I’m glad you appreciate my blog, but I really don’t care much for yours.” Yikes!
    Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

  • http://www.sitecreations.com/blog Scott Clark

    The Links bone is connected to the conference bone, the conference bone is connected to the budget bone, the budget bone is connected to the paycheck bone, the paycheck bone is connected to the mortgage bone, the mortgage bone is connected to the marriage bone, the marriage bone is connected to the tranquility bone…..

    LOL. Something like that. :-)

  • eric_ward

    The best subject lines will be those that the reader recognizes instantly as having had to have been written individually and specifically for them, as well as being factual and to the point. The goal is to avoid the delete key without lying. :)

    I’m happy to provide real world examples privately to LinkWeek readers. Contact me at linkweek5deadlysins@ericward.com

  • http://seo-library.com stinger81

    Hi Eric,

    I understand your disappointment with such spammy link-request emails, but your opinion seems too strong to me.

    1)IMHO there are not so many ways to personalize link request subject. What if the email DOES contain “Link Request” in the subject field, but your website URL is also included, is it enough? Such emails are usually written by people with limited English knowledge, so this is hard for them to personalize each subject specifically for each recipient taste.

    2)Sometimes there is no possibility to find webmaster’s name on the website. So there’s no other way as to write “Dear Webmaster”, etc.

    3)What is wrong with apologies? People should be polite, even when they are trying to spam you. :-)

    I have several link-directories with Link Exchange Submission forms. But nevertheless I am receiving emails asking me to exchange links. That’s what I call REAL stupidity.

  • http://www.elixirsystems.com Jordan Hughes

    I agree with all of your deadly sins, and when I first started linking I think I committed each of them multiple times – too bad I didn’t read your post then.

    The only thing I still have trouble with, like singer said, is when you can’t find a name on the website. Then what can you use to address the webmaster? I’ve used whois, but the listed contact may not be the person who would end up deciding whether to give me a link or not.