• http://www.AtlantaAnalytics.com Evan LaPointe

    Great post, Aaron!

  • http://colawyermarketing.com Jon Reiter

    Great post on conversion.

  • http://www.1-ter-net.com Stephane

    Excellent advice that it is sometimes difficult to put in place by the client, even when he talks about money.

  • http://www.mindfulsearching.com/ Marc Peterson

    Great post Aaron, these are five easy takaways that could cause big swings in revenue!

  • http://www.agendize.com mattfogel

    Great advice, Aaron. I think the only thing I’d add is that there are some great methods of conversion that are more immediate and engaging than a form submission and require less user action/friction than a phone call. I’ve seen some great results from adding click-to-call (so the user only needs to type in his phone number and the business calls him immediately) or chat or online appointment scheduling.

    (Disclosure: my company (Agendize) offers some of these conversion tools, so I’m biased, but the conversion and user satisfaction results speak for themselves.)