• http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    Great stuff in here, Aaron. Interesting though — on your comment “I have had very little success with ” I have had just the opposite experience.

  • http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Thanks, Adam. Regarding the dashboard parameter handling, maybe in the case of Google I didn’t give it enough time; and in the case of Yahoo my efforts were fairly recent, and we all know how responsive Yahoo is as they find their selves on the cusp of being Bing-o-field.

    Having said that I think it’s sage to use *all* methods to mediate the negative effects of parameter handling, including Webmaster Tools (and at the very least, WMT is a great way of identifying the parameters that Google is seeing). The proviso being that one should tread carefully with the use of rel=canonical, as per your excellent post on the subject today:

  • http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    Sorry about not clarifying in my comment – left the part out that I was talking about. The rel=canonical. I haven’t had a lot of success w/ parameter handling in Web Tools, either, agree with you there.

    Thanks very much for the link and comment – the link canonical is really a dangerous tag in my mind for non-SEOs.

  • Galahad

    We also have had great success with effectiveness.

    We implemented that on our commerce site and watched our Google Duplicate Meta and Title tag issues go from 3,500 and 4,500 down to a few hundred each now – a reduction of 90%. I attribute that to our canonical tag rollout on our jsps.