• http://www.endlessrangemarketing.com/ Hilary St Jonn

    This is a great blog post! The last step, which is essentially A/B testing, is something a lot of small businesses forget.

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    Very handy post. I think Call To Action is very important part of a landing page. Always you can’t describe and convince with some words/text at one page. Follow-up, call, or contact for more info is really easy to convince when establish a direct communication which leads for sales conversation.

    I request to other to put more ideas for Call to Action portion.

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    All of the above are great tips, but I especially appreciate the last part of the Calls To Action tip. People are MUCH more likely to give their email address than phone, address, birth date, etc. If you collect the additional information on a second step page, you’ll have everyone’s email address who completed step 1, as well as those who are willing to give their additional info on step 2.

  • Rajiv Pandey

       I am completely agree with number 5…
    Changing words that still contains the same meaning in a stunning way will work a lot to attract and maintain freshness… :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FKCKKVXHU6EDP3KPGRWJR2JFMA Dale Grief

    You mentioned getting rid of the navigation bar.  But I am noticing more and more sales pages that look like a regular website with a navigation bar instead of the traditional sales page with no outbound links.  Do you think there is a trend where current consumers are wising up and are converting on sites that look like credible regular sites?

  • http://twitter.com/webmona Mona Elesseily

    Hi All! 

    Thanks for all the great feedback! 

    @yahoo-FKCKKVXHU6EDP3KPGRWJR2JFMA:disqus in my experience, cleaner looking pages convert better. I haven’t noticed a trend but you could always test to see which option yields the best result. 


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