• http://www.webmarketingworkshop.com.au/ Clive Hawkins

    Some sensible advice here Christopher, although I would question your some of your statements about the use of content and images. These things need to be tested by companies as they may not apply to all – the whole issue of landing pages is to test and conclude the best elements for that particular website and market?

  • http://www.ioninteractive.com allenkristina

    Awesome post Christopher! All great tips for not beating a dead horse.

  • http://www.ThunderSEO.com Max Thomas

    Good run down of must-do points for onpage conversion optimization. I’m continually amazed at how easily online marketers forget the age old rule of “focusing on benefits rather than features” (myself included). In testament to the importance of making the phone and form easy to find (and use), we had a client site that increased call volume by 20% simply by truncating the online lead form to 4 lines and placing it on the left-side of the page, close to the top, on every page of the site. It’s important to make it really really KISS easy for prospects to call or contact a business. Thanks again for a great post.

  • http://www.syscomminternational.com syscomm

    Very good advice! I agree with the importance of a good landing page as well as the techniques of improvement of it. Some people to focus so much on the seo techniques and other promotion strategies that they tend to completely neglect the content and the aspects mentioned in the post.

  • http://dejardins.com Matthieu Dejardins

    Very good article Christopher.
    I would also add the following for B2B Landing Pages:

    1/ Make sure your graphics match any creating leading to them (e.g. banner ad or email).

    2/ / Make sure that critical elements inside the upper 450 pixels of the pages are visible to almost all visitors without scrolling. In short, keep them.

    3/ Making a Web site less navigable will seem horribly counter-intuitive to most people, but that’s what you may need to keep your visitors from getting distracted. You should remove the distracting vertical navigation bars, header tabs, hotlink-heavy footers

    4/ Do not forget to test (start with A/B testing before multivariate testing) and play with most important elements: headline (ideally it should be dynamic), pictures, call to action buttons, body copy modifications, etc.