• http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikegracen Mike Gracen

    “Is it a porn site that has become a blog about woodworking?” Hahahaha. Brilliant!

  • Julie Joyce

    @Mike haha! Glad you caught that.

  • JennyLynn

    Love reading your posts, Julie! Link Week Column is by far my favorite here. Thanks!

  • Julie Joyce

    Thank you Jenny Lynn! I really appreciate that.

  • Ian Howells

    Re Metric #1, as far as I’m aware, crawl date still doesn’t equal cache date. (And conversely, cache frequency doesn’t equal crawl frequency.) I have ‘crawl rate tracker’ installed on a one page WordPress site. It gets crawled daily, and Google WMT backs that up in the crawl stats report. But it doesn’t get cached often because the content is 100% static.

    If Google crawls a site every single day for a week and there’s no changes, they still often just keep the cached version from a week ago since nothing is different about the current site.

    Matt said the opposite back in April: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lmZS7TknQc but I still see this happening on a lot of my sites.

  • http://www.linkfishmedia.com Julie Joyce

    Hi Ian,

    I agree with you…it’s just the easiest way for someone to get a good idea of things I think. Excellent point though, and I should have been better at making that same point myself. Thank you!

  • http://www.Geeks.com Michael

    Nice post Julie….

    …another factor I always consider is site architecture.

    That is to say is the site structure one that flows an equitable amount of link juice to said page, where me link lives!

    Having a link on a ‘stranded’ page isn’t really helping out too much, now is it? ;-)

    Thank you for the useful information!


  • chuck_diesel

    Good stuff here, thanks Julie!

  • http://www.linkfishmedia.com Julie Joyce

    Hi Michael..totally agree on site architecture and you’re right, that can be checked pretty quickly to make sure you’re not getting a link on an orphaned page.

    Thanks to you and Chuck for the comments!