• http://www.trulybored.com gamermk


    I just can’t see how seo.com can be worth that much. Although I admit it will cause awareness of the name immediately, but come on!!! 5 million… wow.

  • http://www.luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    You have to be kidding right… 5 mil for seo.com, hardly seems worth it to me. No offence to the person who paid that kind of money but in my mind any SEO worth investing 5 mil on better be able to rank in any search engine for that term regardless of the domain. I mean come on… armed with that kind of scrilla you could buy enough links to rank for absolutely anything. Sorry but the person who sold you that domain didn’t see you coming – they sent for ya!

  • DeepDishChicago

    Is there any irony in the fact that as of this writing they are maintaining mirror copies of their site on both http://www.seo.com and http://www.webtargeted.com ? Isn’t the 301 Moved Permanently redirect a core part of basic SEO?? Spending $5 mil does not an expert make…

  • Steve111

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that SEO just sold on http://www.MillionDollarWiki.com