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    This is a nice primer for those not familiar with Quora. However, I’d like to make a suggestion that your advice in #4 is a little to narrow. Your point seems to be limited to looking at Quora as a means to directly connect with a target market, but I would argue that there are indirect opportunities.

    There are a number of influential folks on Quora that are very active and there are opportunities to get on their radar in order to reach your target market vicariously. This may include connecting with influential journalists, bloggers, or investors.

  • http://www.mindshareworld.com Ciarán Norris

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the comment. I probably was being quite narrow, but for a reason. There are already so many places/ways to connect with these type of people, that one simply has to prioritise. Over the years we (marketers) have told people to invest in building blog relations, forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… Whilst I am open to thoughts on how to use Quora, I don’t really see how you can do so in such a way as to avoid spamming. My Scoble question at the end was meant in jest, but it highlights the potential down-sides of jumping in.

  • dstiehr

    There is an interesting quandary at work here for anyone touting Quore as the new Twitter (not this article but many of the TC articles) which is that “becoming the new Twitter” implies mainstream acceptance and widespread use. But mainstream acceptance and widespread use will destroy the Quora experience, because as mentioned in the article it’s the quality of participants that set it apart.

    So the more people that start using it, inevitably the lower the overall quality of discourse will be, the more spam that will pop up, and the more nonsense (like you see in Y Answers or even trending on Twitter) will flood the site.

    So if you want Quora to continue to provide the service it provides as effectively as it does now it’s probably in your best interest that it stays off the mainstream radar. I guess that’s my long way of saying this article is the best and most honest assessment of Quora’s future that I’ve come across.

  • http://www.mindshareworld.com Ciarán Norris

    Hi dstiehr

    Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I guess that’s what I struggle with – how does Quora grow when a; I don’t see that many people really using it that much, and, b; more people using it kills whatever it is, it has.

    I guess that these are questions where the answers appear obvious if you live & work in the Valley.

  • http://palomadelamanecer.blogspot.com/ Heidy Murillo

    :P The first one mut be: Do you speak English? lol

  • http://www.mindshareworld.com Ciarán Norris

    Heidy – that’s actually a good point. At what point do Quora internationalise, and how?

  • http://www.leads4pros.com/blog/ Stephen Da Cambra

    Ciarán – Thanks for the informative post. For what it’s worth, I did my own little test on the Quora ranking question.

    As we all should, I regularly search my name “stephen da cambra” to see what’s being said.

    While I’ve been online for many years, I’ve been particularly active for the past 5 yrs and have search results going back to 1998.

    I have been on Quora for 2 weeks and have answered about 5 questions.

    I searched my name just now on the following engines and got these results:

    Google: Two of the top six results (page 1) were from Quora

    Bing: No Quora results over 8 pages

    Yahoo: No Quora results over 8 pages

    Dogpile: #1 result is my Quora profile

    Again, don’t know what the info is worth to anyone else, but I find it very interesting.