• Greg

    Would you please elaborate on your topic?

    You say, “But thanks to the evolution of the display ecosystem, advertisers can now see exactly how many impressions have served on which sites, and the cost/effectiveness of each site.”

    Really? I’m currently looking for display ad networks that will do a great job of getting our message out, and will give me the transparency I’d like, and the options for optimization of campaigns I’d like.

    Would you please drop a few names? I’m not asking you to endorse one company. I’m just saying…. Could you name a few ad networks you think are currently doing a good job at providing transparency and optimization options? Hey thanks.

    I don’t like this article because as it stands it’s only valuable to people who are already “in the know.” I request that you elaborate so that someone who is actually looking for great ad networks for display advertising can learn something because you professionally offer a few specific ad networks you recommend we should investigate because in your expert opinion they are the market leaders regarding the topic of your article. Thanks.

  • http://www.simpli.fi Frost Prioleau

    Hi Greg,

    Most Demand Side Platforms (aka DSPs), including Simpli.fi (where I am founder and CEO), provide site level transparency as well as multiple optimization options. A good list of DSPs can be found on AdExchanger.com here: http://www.adexchanger.com/ecosystem-links/

    Recommending one or two specific DSPs that might best be best for you is difficult without knowing more about your advertising needs. For example, various DSPs have different capabilities with brand versus direct response advertising, different targeting capabilities, different geographical focus, different minimum spend levels, etc.

    If you want to contact me directly I’d be happy to help out.



  • http://www.beepautomotive.com Jay Friedman

    Frost, you are DEAD ON. Thank you for posting this. The people complaining about complexity are not only missing the obvious simplicity, but also hurting our (and their own!) space while they’re at it.