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    This is a great example of what you are talking about:

  • Matt McGee

    Thanks for this, Cameron – couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen so many posts in recent months saying microsites should never be an option, and I just shake my head….

  • AussieWebmaster

    I love the use of the term “Reputation Management” – I think I have to nod to Dave Naylor on the first one I heard using the term…. some SES last year.

  • AussieWebmaster

    A great informative article BTW….

  • http://www.eyefall.co.uk/blog ciaran

    Hi Cameron,

    Great article – really well explained. Just wanted to put one thing past you.

    “The campaign probably wouldn’t have been as successful if it had been on the main OfficeMax domain.”

    Do you think this is always the case? So if they had had the game on their main site, but only after redirecting from a funky URL, and the page you were taken to had nothing to suggest it was part of the main site (except that the URL yuo’re redirected to might me http://www.boringdomain.com/coolgame), would this still be the case do you think?


  • http://www.cameronolthuis.com Cameron Olthuis

    Claran, thanks for the compliments.

    I don’t think that it is always the case. I think a lot of it has to do with your brand/company perception. It also has a lot to do with the viral content you are working with. For example, I think the Tea Partay campaign from Smirnoff would’ve worked fine on the company domain.

  • DanCummings

    I apologize if this has already been defined and posted about, What is your definition of a microsite from an SEO perspective? Is it one of the options below, all three? Let me know!