• http://www.reelseo.com/about/grant Grant Crowell

    Thanks for posting this, Myles. There’s a lot more to a social business than just PR, so it probably would have been better for the editor to have titled your article around a Social PR strategy. I also think that the customer care cycle should include listening to the existing conversations and talking with consumers, rather than just waiting for all the responses to come in. But I get what you’re saying and agree that what we consider to be “social” today really should be more than just the minimum ante of showing up; it needs to include and integrate customer care, and have a commitment to genuine person-to-person engagement that we don’t just expect our audiences and customers as “fans” to do all the activity for us. Otherwise, we’re not really being “social!”

  • http://www.vampyr.se Markus Pettersson

    Good and concise. Isn’t it fun to work in PR nowadays? But (there always isone, huh?) – we must stop confusing traditional PR with media relations, which is only a small part of it. Don’t simplify and downgrade a field that also includes lobbying, customer relations, investor relations, public affairs, speech writing etc.

  • http://gonemtb.wordpress.com/ Steve Bryant

    Some great ideas but unfortunately most cases in the real world are about cost cutting and not paying wherever possible. I may sound very jaded but would still like a plumber or electrician or handyman to try the muffin idea. My plumber/electrician friends biggest complaint is not getting paid for work he has just completed and I doubt any number of muffins will change that.

  • http://www.brightlocal.com Myles Anderson

    Thanks guys – all good comments.

    @Steve – i appreciate that local businesses have plenty of issues and it’s never plain sailing. But i think there’s a lot to be said about making an impression and establishing a rapport/relationship with each client – it can really help when chasing down the money.