• http://thejimgaudet.com/ Jim Gaudet

    I am really interested in the Social TV. The XBox and Netflix already allow shared movie viewing and I can only hope that EA Sports will eventually allow you watch your friends games…

  • Jeff Kryger

    My prior company stuggled with Groupon’s pricing model, a 50% discount that you then split 50/50 with Groupon means selling at a 75% discount. That is a large pill to swallow

  • http://www.drivenbydesign.com Brian Gluckman

    Actually, Google TV is on hold (and having seen the demo, I can see why). But yes, social TV does have big potential in 2011, not just because of X-box, but also because of services like Miso and GetGlue.

    I’m also not sold that Groupon will be the big winner in social shopping. Both LivingSocial and ScoutMob have interesting products that could potentially dominate the space.

  • http://www.mindshareworld.com Ciarán Norris

    @Jeff – Totally, it’s a hard sell for a lot of clients and it’s really down to individual businesses to decide whether it’s worth it. I’m certainly no Groupon groupie but it seems to work for many.

    @Brian – Very true and whilst nothing is written in stone, I tend to think that Groupon may have the first mover advantage (though of course that didn’t do much for the likes of Alta Vista or Friendster)

  • http://www.innercirclelabs.com mklee

    @Ciaran – Great article, thanks for sharing your ideas. Definitely agree with you, think Groupon and Facebook are going to dominate 2011. Noticeably absent from your list, however, is realtime search. I work at Inner Circle Labs with Topsy, the realtime search leader, and with more and more people tweeting (over 50 million tweets a day), facebooking and commenting on the social web, we at believe realtime search is the next big thing in the world of social marketing and social media. To give you a sense for how Topsy works, look how many people tweeted this social marketing predictions article: http://topsy.com/searchengineland.com/5-social-marketing-predictions-for-2011-58541. We look forward to reading your future articles.

  • http://www.crunchbase.com/person/william-andrew-abano William @FanwaveTV

    I agree that social TV will be big in 2011 (we’ve just launched our own app) but still think there will be a significant role played by the second screen for users.