• arthur

    Great post, and I agree with the point you make about blog commenting. Adding value to the conversation is the best way to engage influencers and enhance visibility. Lead generation via community engagement should be a paramount imitative for business development these days.

    The best factors to consider when implementing a outreach campaign for leads is to make sure that you focus on the right potential clients. You’ll be wasting time if you work with people in the industry or sector but are not aligned with you. At the same time, keep up to date on the most recent trends and topics buzzing in the community to make sure that you’re relevant and interesting to those that are aligned with you.

    Looking for those tribes who are aligned with you as potential targets is the most important, looking at the way communities are build like this: img16.imageshack.us/img16/5831/travelw.png enables you to differentiate between the different “tribes”. Would you agree with this perspective?