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    “Work With An Agency Which Shares Knowledge Rather Than Tactics”
    HAHAHAHA – those are few and far inbetween. so many agencies these days, especially if they are scaled and work with big companies, hire total idiots. they care more for ‘client-facing” SEOs aka people who only talk SEO but don’t know squat about SEO or how to do it, only what they read on SELand.

    And so many agencies burn through SEOs and are left with fast-talking salesmen of SEO who run a team of SEO-neophytes who think that writing some articles qualifies them to be an SEO.

    I once developed an article for my agency on researching international keywords and a process for finding and distilling keywords. it went over their heads and NOTHING came about it.

    i suppose quoting Noam Chomsky “colorless green ideas sleep furiously” really killed them. Fast forward to today and Google’s penguin update, that kind of linguistic talk is probably more relevant now than before. oh well to them.

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    Can some one please share a list of online SEO webinars conducted regularly?