• http://blog.affinityexpress.com Unmana

    Nice post. I think #2 is really important–too many small businesses don’t bother to update their websites regularly.

  • http://www.besthabsblog.com Emran Rashid

    Some small businesses don’t know the first thing about getting online. The best thing to do is to hire a web marketing firm and have them take care of all of your Internet Marketing Needs. a small business needs a budget to go to a web marketing company, but it’s something that might have taken months or perhaps years for them to do on their own.

  • http://www.fitzternet.com fitzternet

    Great post, but I would replace #5 with a Facebook Page or Twitter account – not only because either would ultimately offer more in the way of interaction with customers, but also because it is far less time consuming to post a status update or Tweet than it is to regularly update a blog. If you have the time to update Twitter/Facebook on a regular basis and you’ve got enough support from your followers/fans, then it may be time to unleash a blog.

    What do you think?