• Michelle

    I love the Intel one – did it the other day and thought it was totally cool. But it isn’t social. At all. Scraping the most popular social Network for data and then not having any sharing or engagement mechanism is the opposite of social.

  • http://SonicSEO.com Daniel M

    As more and more businesses rely on internet marketing and incorporating social media into their strategies, it’s going to get tougher to really stand apart from the crowd. Being able to come up with creative uses is going to be ticket to truly being able to use SM to get ahead of the game and really draw attention.

  • daniel@specialmoves.com

    Commendable work here.

    We (specialmoves http://www.specialmoves.com) have done some nice and slick Facebook api things, here’s a couple



    Does paypal count as SM? probably not. But if it did this site and payment mech we created for the kaiser Chiefs is being hailed as innovative. http://www.kaiserchiefs.com/

    Keep up the great work everyone!

  • http://www.goblinridge.co.uk GRL

    Thanks for bringing the Intel Musuem of Me to my attention, it is amazing!

  • http://www.globalseoresults.com Kathleen Dorsey

    I find fault in your friend’s line of thinking about needing to bribe people to engage them. Isn’t that what all advertising really does? Don’t TV ads, etc “bribe” you with their sales, new products, ” the 1st 50 callers … ” ? I think Social Media is so much more than advertising. It allows a true and honest engagement with a brand’s customers. It can also be used for effective customer service. As happened with email- we are communicating differently now. Yes- there are some people that still won’t use email (although they are now seen as eccentric). I believe the same will be said in 10 years about Social Media.. The train has left the station- Jump On for the ride on get left behind…

  • http://www.GoVisitCostaRica.com Go Visit Costa Rica

    We have a creative facebook approach and we do not have give anything away.

  • http://www.mindshareworld.com Ciarán Norris

    @daniel – I love, love, love Misfits. I thought about using it as an example, but wanted to steer clear of TV/movies, as it’s relatively easier to engage users (they’re more interested in that sort of content than banks/toilet cleaner), but even so, the Misfits work was brilliant.

    @Kathleen – no, I don’t think he was wrong. Obviously there is advertising that relies on discounts, competitions, etc… but truly great advertising only bribes us in that it provides us with 30/60/120 seconds of artistic brilliance, that makes us laugh/think/cry/whatever, in return for our attention. Yet for all of social’s much vaunted ability to drive conversation, most of those conversations seem to be about how much a check-in could save you on your next burger.

  • http://www.weboutsourcing-gateway.com/ Outsourcing Gateway

    Maybeline also used Facebook in promoting their latest product the -BB cream and it’s done in very creative way and interactive way. Facebook users can use their facebook accounts to log in and be part of the maybeline commercial with a known TV personality in the Philippines

  • http://SonicSEO.com Daniel M

    @Kathleen Dorsey – You’re absolutely right. Social media is so much more than advertising. When a business uses it, it provides a platform to really engage with potential and current clients/customers in a manner never used before. In fact there’s a good blog post from SonicSEO.com (http://blog.sonicseo.com/social-media-interaction/) that talks about using SM as a form of customer service. Because the potential of social media reaches far beyond advertising, businesses really need to take full advantage of its benefits.