• http://www.wpromote.com Michael Block

    Good article and I couldn’t agree more with the use of Google AdWords Campaign Experiments. However, I would really put an asterisk next to the advice about ad scheduling. It’s important to allocate budget toward times of the day that convert more but only if they convert more compared to spend.

    For example, very few clients will convert between 1am and 4am, as Ms. Elesseily mentions, but very few clients will spend much during those hours. If the spend curve over the day looks similar to the conversion curve over the day, then there is no optimization to be made (i.e. you can’t allocate spend to the better performing areas because there is little inefficiency to redistribute).

    Don’t look for conversion volume alone as the indicator; rather, look for conversion volume compared to spend volume. Don’t make decisions about budget allocation unless there are discrepancies between distribution of conversions compared to spend over the course of the day. Also remember to always look at statistically significant data sets with regards to both click/conversion volume and time.

  • http://www.markbarrera.com Mark Barrera

    Google sent a notice last week that they will be removing demographic bidding from all AdWords accounts around March 21.

    I imagine they will launch something in the future, so we’ll just have to wait to see what they come out with next.