• http://www.seotaoist.com/ Jurgen Estanislao

    Your points here are spot on. If I may add, another way to simplify URL paths is to use UUIDs to avoid stacking folders in your URL structure (e.g. /shoes/athletic-shoes to /shoes/UUID and /athletic-shoes/UUID).

  • http://www.ecentricmarketing.com.au/ Michael

    Great post! Technical SEO on e-Commerce sites can be very difficult. Especially with CMS systems that aren’t setup with SEO in mind.

    One issue I come across frequently is product cloaking with the different product variation such as colors and sizes competing in the SERPs. Canonical tagging correctly will sort this out. But make sure there is consistency across the site.

    A great example of good technical SEO is zappos.com. Worth taking a look at the source code for good use of canonical tags.

  • Sachin Sharma

    You have emphasized on Directory Silos and Unique Content, which I think is essential for every eCommerce website and without them, there is no point to launch a shopping cart.

  • http://www.mozalami.com/ Mozalami

    Great I love your posts about site architecture. Hee’s another challenge for ecommerce we need to address: conten grouping and content drilldown. While it’s a great idea to have product close as much as possible from the root /product/ I find it’s more useful for Analytics when we have /department/category/product. Then we can really get insights of user behavior, navigation… Is there a way to have both benefits ? SEO optimized URLS and easy to undesrtand navigation Flow

  • http://www.modernapproach.co.uk/ James Abbott

    A great post and one that translates across different elements of digital marketing. For example I am trying to learn the more technical elements of SEO as I am involved with e-commerce development and this has given a couple of great points.

    I think the breakdown of Amazon’s navigation is a great example to highlight where SEO and usability combine to make a great user experience but provides great SEO benefit at the same time. Perfect excuse to review site architecture.