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    #1 makes no sense. Go to ibm.com, cisco.de, sap.de, and they all redirect to xxx.com/countrycode, just a few big examples. You are saying they are all doing it wrong? They should split their high rankings across 100 domains, and risk duplicating content on English-language domains (.com, ca, .us, .co.uk, etc.)?

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    S.K. It’s not a question of right or wrong. It’s what makes business sense inline with the company’s goals and resources. Companies that choose to use a single domain for all countries may save ongoing IT costs and have more control over the brand and content but in doing so give up the opportunity to rank highly for non branded terms across multiple markets. In my experience, if a business wants to dominate SEO in a given market, they need a local domain with a line item in the budget to support it. Expedia has used this strategy to great success.