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    Ditto, Jill! :-) Great points. It’s a different game when you don’t have full access and control- working with limited access, bureacracy, etc. seems to be a competitive *disadvantage* for a lot of companies as far as SEO goes.

    We actually saved one of our clients when they came on by doing the 301 redirects for their new site, because they’d lost half their traffic, and we got it back ;-)

    Lately had a client switch hosting and do a redesign with someone else who had never heard of 301’s… even in answering how to fix it with something related to Google Webmaster Tools, you run into questions about whether there will be an ability to verify WMT…

    Also I’ve noticed in working with designers- initially they don’t understand that showing us a non-html image preview of the design isn’t super-helpful. We had to convey that we’re looking more at keywords, HTML tags, and the information architecture.