• melissa.rounds

    Great list that sums up a lot of my own wants as far as AdWords goes. Making some of the campaign-level settings – such as geo-targeting – available at the ad group level would also be on my wish list.

  • daniel breiner

    Great post – my one item to add would be the ability to track changes in QS over time

  • Cassim Zahid

     Good post Brad. I would personally like to set budgets at ad group level, this would make ad group impression share data more actionable and also allow more control over best performing ad groups.

  • http://twitter.com/tedives Ted Ives

    How about exposing the system-wide Click-through-Rate for each keyword like Adcenter does.

    Then you could sort your keywords by your CTR vs. the system-wide one and see what needs working on (at least, relative to everyone else).

  • Terry Whalen

    I would like this too – and one reason would be that it would expose the inconsistencies and anomalies that abound with QS data!

  • Terry Whalen

    Brad, great list! Here are some additional items and comments…
    Search Partner bidding — totally agreed – too many advertisers end up just turning SP off since the traffic quality is poor. I think adding an SP-only option might actually result in no net change in revenue for Google, since the advertisers that have turned this off would be able to turn it on again to try for incremental conversions.
    Filters – The biggest weakness of filters is on the ‘dimensions’ tab, where filter options include only metrics and exclude dimensions filter options. For example, the user cannot look at geo data for all non-brand campaigns. Also, filtered data should be presented at the top of the page, so that the user is not forced to scroll down the page to see the (yellow-shaded) filtered data.
    Segments – the gaping whole in segments is that there are no totals. This is especially maddening when the user wants to look at filtered trend data (e.g. non-brand campaigns by week).  Another way to put this – there is no ability to view account-level filtered trend data. Also, WoW trend data is presented only for weeks ending Sunday. If it’s Wednesday and you want to get the latest weekly trend data, you are out of luck.
    Dimensions tab – include a total row.
    ROAS bidding – this would be a great feature to add to conversion optimizer engine. But before this, maybe the Google folks could just meet us 10% of the way and add revenue and ROAS column options to AdWords Editor, for easier manual ROAS bid management.
    Totally agreed on ACE. AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) is actually kind of a cool testing framework, but the number one coolest thing the product folks could have done would be to include ACE functionality at the campaign level. Imagine how great that would be – test the AdWords Conversion Optimizer against manually bidding, for example. Or, test Marin bidding against SearchForce bidding, or SearchForce bidding against the Conversion Optimizer. It’d also be a great way to test various dayparting or geo strategies against each other. It’d even be useful for pitting 1 PPC manager against another.And, on the customer service side I wish that the Google sales force (er, account strategists and optimization specialists) could actually be knowledgeable and helpful when we ask specific questions of them. It’s not so much that I often need a sales pitch on why launching mobile-specific campaigns is a good idea – it’s more that if I happen to have an actual question, I never get a timely answer. The Google reps almost never know the answer, and they have to refer the question over to some other specialist group, and if I get an answer, I’ve usually already figured it out myself.One more – can’t resist – I wish the AdWords editorial team were…competent. And knew how to reply in a timely manner and fix problems that their silly automated ad approval system creates on a regular basis.

  • http://twitter.com/TechPad Matt Clarke

    The biggest drawback from a business point of view is, in my opinion, the lack of a profit metric. While GA’s Adwords integration supports ROI, conversion rates, revenue, ad cost and other metrics, it’s really how profitable campaigns are that matters. Isn’t it?

  • http://twitter.com/naomiki_s naomi s

    Great Post. 
    Regarding the account budget: You can set an automated rule to pause all campaigns once they reach a certain sum. This is not 100% accurate, but it works.
    As for GA and AdWords, I have an additional wish: If the currency of the AW account is different from GA’s, GA doesn’t make the conversions and all fiscal numbers look like they are in the same currency, so the data is not at all accurate. I wish they would make the conversion within the system without the need for me to develop a special profile or work with API.

  • David Rothwell

    Totally agree on profit – that is entirely what it’s all about.

    But profit is subjective – take 10 businesses all bidding on the same keyword and every one will have a different profitability.

    Even for just one business, that profit can also be variable.

  • http://www.boldinternet.co.uk/ Adrian Bold

    Excellent round-up. The search partner control has been a particular want of mine for many years. It certainly isn’t a case of turning all off. As you mention Brad, sometimes they perform really well. 

  • Herman Jooste

    I agree with everything in the post. My biggest problem is that Google’s CPC feature in the keyword tool is totally out. I work with a lot of local clients and how can you tell them how much to spend monthly if the cpc data is wrong.

    As a rule I use teared bidding and often get told my cpc is to low for the first page, then i use google’s ad preview tool low and behold im in the top 3 what gives.

    Don’t get me wrong i love what i do. And I think that google hits the bulls eye more often than not. So a big thank you from me for the great work

  • Terry Whalen

    Hi Ted, you might be interested in this: 
    http://adwords.blogspot.com/2012/05/make-smarter-decisions-with-new-auction.html. Additional keyword-level data about system-wide CTRs and your ad rank relative to other advertisers bidding on similar groups of keywords.

  • Terry Whalen

    Calculated fields would go a long way towards enabling profit metrics for the majority of advertisers. For now, we at least do have revenue (total value) and revenue/cost columns.

  • http://twitter.com/PPCPROZ Dan Perach

    great post Brad. Thanks Naomi for that budget tip. I’d much prefer to have a fourth match type for modified broad match, as it is quite laborious adding all those +’s to kws

  • m4rcela

    also, it would be great to have all features working with AdWords Editor