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    Adjacent to that use of PostRank for your own site/content/brand, you can use it to figure out what DOES work as well. By checking out the branding efforts of competitors or simply those who are “doin’ it right”, you can get a pretty good idea of what tactics and strategies engage the audience. (Though it’s important to remember that their audience may not be the same as yours, and all audiences have their own online activity culture.)

    There are any number of cues to look for. A few:

    – frequency of posts (regular posting trains your audience as much as it does you)
    – length of posts (mixing it up provides variety, and the longer the piece, the more readers you’ll begin to lose)
    – style of writing (is it an anecdote, how to, top 10 list…?
    – tone of writing (is it conversational and sound like an actual person is writing or does it feel like a sterile, PR-and-Legal-scrubbed corporate missive?)
    – type of content (are you providing something useful that can help or educate, or just broadcasting propaganda?)

    PostRank will show an overall score for each post, and mousing over the score will show a breakdown of the sources of audience engagement. (Even more cues — where and how an audience engages with the brand.) There some more info on how that all works here: http://postrank.com/postrank and here: https://analytics.postrank.com/docs/engagement — and I’m happy to answer questions as well.

    Melanie Baker
    Community Manager, PostRank
    melanie@postrank.com / @postrank

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Great article, Marty.

    What are your thoughts on the old “rocks/sucks” test? The idea was you search for: “[brand] rocks” and “[brand] sucks” and compare the number of listings returned. These days you need the quotation marks to get even a rough idea, but does that test reveal anything anymore?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Excellent post about search engine and online branding.

    I never really used Postrank all that much, but your post has convinced me to start to utilize it going forward. Thanks again!