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    Hi Julie

    Thank you for mentioning Wordtracker’s Keywords Questions tool. That’s very kind.

    You mention a tool that shows the top internet keywords. Wordtracker also provides a list, which you can find at: https://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/top-keywords/long-term.html

    You’ll also see a list of the most popular keywords from the last 48 hours.

    I hope that’s useful.

    CEO, Wordtracker

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    Hi Justin! You’re very welcome, and thanks for that list!

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    This is an awesome list! I would have to say that this list is link building gold at its best. Some of these I have seen/used others I have not. The idea of using Pinterest for ideas is absolutely fantastic!

    Thank you for the share!

    – M

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    This has been an amazing and unique list of SEO tools and thanks a lot for listing them out..

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    Thank you for your written Julie. This would be a help, seeing a new update of Mr. G. A SEO will always find the other way like you suggest above.

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    I liked ubber suggest that is superawesome tool

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    Nice compilation! I’m working on my own little tool right now. Maybe it’ll soon be good enough to be listed here, too.

    But you can try it already: http://ufashion.de/keywords/

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    Great info. I am new in this field and your post was very helpful for me.
     Thanks a lot.