• http://docraptor.com/ Tyler

    Great post, Rick! I especially like your tip about branching out into other social media outlets.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    Great content will always be the foundation of great link building. The key is to grow links naturally over time. For that reason, it’s necessary to create content that is worth linking to.

  • Nicholas Kneuper

    Why are you discouraging paid linkbuilding? Sure there’s a risk when you do paid linkbuilding, but the risk is incredibly low. Your article helps prove my point. JC Penney made millions of dollars through paid linkbuilding and only got caught because NYT wrote up an article on it. JC Penny didn’t get caught by Google naturally.. that rarely happens. The average website isn’t going to be outed by the NYT, and so the risk is even lower.

    Most Small Business’s don’t have the time and/or money to build creative/elaborate SEO campaigns to get “natural links”. Thanks to companies like mine, these Small Business’s have the opportunity to rank for search terms and provide visitors with a quality service/product.

    A year or two ago, most local seo terms were filled with junk directory/scraper sites.. searchers got zero value. Thanks, in part, to paid linkbuilding, these terms now display relevant buisiness’s and visiters actually get value (that’s what search engiens are built for, right?).

    There’s a lot of hate towards paid linkbuilding. My company has served over 3,000 clients in the past year. Sure, some of them weren’t providing quality and value through their website (think: Made for Adsense/Scrape Sites). Having said that, the vast majority of our clients are local/small business’s with quality products and services.

    Paid linkbuilding gives small companies a fighting chance against huge corporations and mega-sites. Considering that Small Business’s create the majority of jobs in America – http://ewireinformer.com/small-businesse,s-are-the-core-of-the-economy-343536.html – maybe we should stop treating paid linkbuilding like it’s a cancer.


    Nick Kneuper

  • Claudio Pontirolli

    Great article!