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    Most of the time when I talk to small business owners or just people in general, they do not know what pay per click is, so I guess the numbers will only grow.

  • sDeez84

    I don’t see SEM budget allocations declining–more and more businesses will continue to view search as a necessary medium to run alongside any campaign, whether online or offline. It is still the most relevant form of online advertising and will continue to be the medium most attributed to (and closest to) website conversions.

    That said, I do think search engines’ trends to “bump off” smaller advertisers and lower CPC ads will continue, changing the competitive landscape in the space drastically in coming years.

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    Hate to show my ‘internet age’ but if you go back far enough, there are some pretty fun factoids about how the Paid Search industry came to fruition:
    -Bill Gross (idealab!) accidentally stumbled upon a PPC business model that worked by syndicating GoTo.com’s sponsored listings; it was not proven until they partnered w/Alta Vista (the #1 algorithmic SE at the time) in 2000
    –Due to brand ‘confusion’ with Go.com [read: cease and desist], GoTo.com became Overture in 2001
    —As noted above, was then acquired by yahoo in 2003, their #1 customer. (Owning the media and model = Smart)
    -After a somewhat unsuccessful attempt at monetizing their own SERPs via a CPM based program (later known as just AdWords Premium and eventually phased ) Google purchased Sprinks for the pay per click auction based technology it was licensing for “AdWords Select” (launched in 2002)
    –Yahoo, who literally Powered Google’s own brand building initiative by outsourcing their natural SERP technology to the now-Search Giant, subsequently sued for much less than they could have ever anticipated losing in future market share & revenue
    The rest, as they say, is history.
    PS: funny thing – idealab is now in the business of exporting solar power [via blueprints for plants] to China; couldn’t see that one coming a mile away!

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    Wow what a cool overview and history of adverting on the internet.

    I’m a little late to that whole party, but Thankfully I’m early to the “help small businesses understand and use some of these amazing tools” party and it’s still always changing as I help them save money, make money, and get seen more often on the internet where everyone is looking.

    What a terrific time to be a “big kid”.