• Dave Brookes

    A much needed post, I could only say I knew what 3 of the terms meant, so very educational for me!

  • kevinlee670

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  • http://davidawilson.co.uk/ David Wilson

    I think “SERP / SERPs” should be on this list. It is very widely used amongst SEOs but a lot of my clients don’t know what this means when I mention it.

    Oh, and Domain Authority.

  • http://davidawilson.co.uk/ David Wilson

     Sorry,, forgot to mention that this is a very useful article and a must-read for those new to SEO!

  • http://www.linkworxseo.com Link Worx Seo

    The HREFLANG attribute for the “A” tag was a new one for me, did not know that was passed in the tag. Good one.

  • Marilyn Wayne

    Its an excellent article for SEO.