• http://alexavery.com.au Alex Avery

    Great article. I would add to the list:

    * Integration with website analytics/CRM/APIs (shopping portals, display media, social media etc).
    * Push/pull integration with Search Engines’ tools.

    The latter is critical, as double handling updates is a nightmare when PPC campaign get large and complicated. The former is – IMHO – the “killer app” in bid management.

  • http://agoramedia.co.uk/blog GianluigiCuccureddu


    Good article.
    Agree with Alex, an integration with analytics and CRM is important to understand causal effects. (ad vs site vs product/service).

    Josh, what equilibrium do you seek in campaign management tools in order to successfully execute and understand advertising efforts? (automation versus human intel)
    Our view can be read here:

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